Software Developer

I am currently working as a developer on a variety of projects, using multiple technologies and tool sets.

I am a .NET Developer primarily, but I also enjoy working with multiple languages, frameworks, and libraries including, React, Angular, NodeJS and many others. In my spare time, I focus on learning new techniques to stretch my knowledge. I also work on a team using the Unity Engine to develop PC Games.

Current Portfolio

I have various side projects written in C#, including a PC game I am working on with other team members. In addition I do work on NET core APIs and various front ends using different tools and frameworks.

Xenia's Ark

I am proud to be one of the founding members of Malicious Games LLC. We are getting ready to release our first PC Game, Xenia's Ark, which is already available on Steam.

Restful Api

This is one of my Restful Api projects I am currently working on. It is built using .Net, and serves as the back end for a few of my other applications.

Book Club

Book Club is a Web application currently in progress. The end goal is to use my .Net Core API and connect it with a React front end. This application will be used to track books and book collections on lists that can be shared with other users.

Other Projects

In addition to writing code in C# for .Net applications, I have also developed some side projects using Javascript and other libraries. Here are some examples.

Skills and Resume

A short summary of my education, experiences and some of my skills can be found on this Resume Page.

Below are some of the tools and skills I work with regularly, however, in a quickly changing industry such as Software Development embrace being a life long learner, and add to these skills and techniques on a daily basis.

  • C#
  • .Net
  • SQL
  • Html
  • Css
  • Javascript
  • Bootstrap
  • Git


I am experienced in various Agile Methodologies and techniques. Including all of the various Scrum Roles. In addition I know many tools and techniques involving all development tasks.